Love Invivo wines but don’t understand NFTs? Don’t worry, we have you covered with our simplified guide on how to enter the crypto market so you can get bidding on one of ten exclusive He-Devil NFTs! One of which unlocks a one-on-one virtual tasting with Graham Norton and Invivo Cofounders Tim and Rob, with the proceeds going to charity!

STEP 1: Set up OpenSea Account
Go to OpenSea

STEP 2: Connect your crypto wallet
You now need to set up a crypto wallet that holds your cryptocurrency which you will use to purchase an NFT. Opensea is affiliated with a number of different crypto wallets but they recommend MetaMask. In Opensea, in the right hand side of your screen there should be a wallet symbol, click on this and select which crypto wallet you would like to connect – for this example we will use MetaMask.

Here is a link which explains how to sign up to MetaMask and sync that account with your opened Opensea to create an Opensea account:

STEP 3: Time to purchase some cryptocurrency!
Now your accounts are synced, you will be able to add some cryptocurrency to your crypto wallet. You can do this by again clicking on the wallet icon on the right of your screen in Opensea and then adding ‘add funds’. You can purchase a number of different cryptocurrencies in your MetaMask wallet, but to purchase a Invivo HE-Devil NFT you will need to purchase Ethereum (ETH). To purchase ETH, you can do so with a credit or debit card or you can exchange other cryptocurrencies to ETH if you already own some.

There are a nearly 6,000 cryptocurrencies in the world and you have most likely heard of Bitcoin before. Ethereum is second only to Bitcoin in market capitalisation, and is a trusted provider.

At the time of this email it costs $385NZD to secure 0.06 ETH which is the starting bid for a HE-Devil NFT. But this price changes every 10 seconds, usually by very small increments.

STEP 4: Purchasing or bidding on an NFT
Once you are cashed up and ready to go, head to our OpenSea HE-Devil collection here. There 9 out of 10 available for bidding or instant purchase, at the time of this email with one already having been purchased. There are two available for purchase at 0.08 ETH, two that have already been bid on at 0.06 ETH and 5 that you can bid on starting at 0.06ETH.

Select which one you would like to purchase or bid on, you can then follow the prompts to either bid or purchase the NFT. If bidding, Opensea will prompt you to exchange your Eth for WEth (same value, but one allows for faster and cheaper transactions that occur off the main blockchain, perfect for bidding) and to authorise your wallet to interface with OpenSea using WEth (small on-off fee for doing this.)

Purchasing as a buy now will incur a small transaction fee. This is a network charge (gas fees), Opensea and Invivo do not receive any of this fee.

If you are successful at an Auction, there are not further fees to pay (Invivo incurs this fee for Auctions.)

If you purchase you will own the NFT outright and can follow the unlocking instructions upon purchase.

If you are bidding, this auction is running through till 3pm NZT on Thursday 25 November. Over this period people can either outbid you (you can of course bid again to rectify this), or if you are the highest bidder when the auction ends, will become the owner of your very own NFT!

More details about the He-Devil NFTs can be found here, but don’t forget that if you purchase a HE-Devil NFT you will also unlock an annual “first release” bottle of new wines, a physical static print of their artwork signed by the Invivo Cofounders and membership to the Invivo Federation of Friends (IFF). IFF Membership is allocated with every Invivo NFT and allows the holder to unlock exclusive virtual wine tastings, discounts on Invivo products and special experiences.

PLUS as an added bonus, one of the Editions will be eligible to unlock a surprise live, virtual, one-on-one celebrity tasting experience with Graham Norton, with net proceeds of this NFT given to charity.

If you are interested in a webinar or one on one session with our resident expert on all things crypto and NFT related email us at we will be in touch with details!