At Invivo, we make wine, gin & vodka our mates would drink, and we talk about it the same way they would: honest, down to earth, and without the BS.

That’s been the deal since we started back in 2008… two homesick Kiwis in a London pub with a dream of taking New Zealand wine to the world. Two maxed out credit cards and a vintage later we were away.

We’ve come a long way since then: check out our 2021 blending sessions with Graham Norton (below) and Sarah Jessica Parker:

Watch Sarah Jessica Parker and Invivo Create the Latest Blend, Virtually


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Celebrating 10 Years of Graham Norton and Invivo!

This year Invivo are very excited to be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of working with the amazing Graham Norton! We have a year's worth of celebrations planned, kicking off with a series of interviews with New Zealand and Irish media, a very special 10th anniversary blending and so much more! Latest Media Coverage Listen [...]

Invivo Shares Corporate Social Responsibility Details

Sustainability is important to Invivo, and we're committed to embedding sustainable practices through all facets of our business. We've recently worked on publishing some details around our Corporate Social Sustainability policy including sustainable winemaking practices, our social responsibility and a look to the future. We'd love you to take a look here.

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All the marketing support in the world won’t work if the products don’t stack up. Invivo & Co’s wines and GiNs have won a whole host of awards locally and internationally, including:





At Invivo & Co we enjoy putting together the odd video for your viewing pleasure. Check out some great clips – and bloopers –  from our Graham Norton blending sessions; winemaking videos and footage for our collaboration with Sarah Jessica Parker; see what goes down at our historic winery; and of course, enjoy Tim and Rob singing for New Zealand’s first ever entry at Eurovision!

Graham Norton’s Latest Blending Session – At Eden Park!

We go to Cork with Graham to create the Pink GiN

Behind the scenes at our 2022 blending session with Sarah Jessica Parker

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