INVIVO & Co winery

There are two things you need to know about the gorgeous New Zealand country town of Te Kauwhata. Firstly, if you’re not from around here you probably just pronounced it wrong in your head; secondly, it’s the home of Invivo & Co.

There’s nothing old fashioned about Invivo, but when we clapped eyes on one of New Zealand’s oldest wineries we just had to make it our own.

Back in 1902 the government built the Te Kauwhata winery to work out if we could even make wine here in New Zealand (spoiler: we can). Total wine legend Romeo Bragato ran the place back then and six years later his wines won New Zealand’s first ever international gold medals.

Romeo Bragato. Rocking the hipster moustache 100 years before they were a thing.

These days, Rob’s two aims in life are to win more medals than Romeo (tick!) and grow a cooler moustache (working on it). It’s a busy operation, with everything from blending, barrel ageing and bottling happening right here on site. Most days you’ll find Rob and the winemaking team turning grapes from Marlborough, Central Otago, Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne into Invivo, Graham Norton and Sarah Jessica Parker wines for export all over the world.

Take a video winery tour with Tim and Rob.

 World domination (Mwah-ha-ha)

We’re smart enough to know that not every wine is best made in New Zealand. We also just love taking long flights. So we now work with growers and wineries from South Australia to produce our GN Shiraz; Italy to produce GN Prosecco and Pink Prosecco; the South of France to make our Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker Rosé; and Argentina to create Our GN He-Devil Malbec- You can find all of these delicious drops here!

That’s not all – we’re getting busy in the distillery as well. In an Irish distillery, to be precise. We produce GN Irish. Pink and Marmalade GiNs with our partners in West Cork, Ireland. Read all about that exciting venture, right here.

INVIVO’s historic winery

Welcome to our-new-to us home, founded in 1902