Graham Norton Wines

“Gidday, Tim from New Zealand here… do you reckon Graham would like to try some of our wine?” That cheeky phone call in 2011 led to TV talk show megastar Graham Norton not only putting his name to a range of Invivo wines, but personally blending them and owning shares in our company! Watch Graham blending the 2019 vintage here.

We’re a few more vintages in now and Graham controls every aspect of the blending process. His best-selling (and awarded) SauviGNon Blanc has been joined by a wildly popular Shiraz and Rosé – and now the Graham Norton Prosecco is set to take the sparkling world by storm.

Graham’s wines have been awarded over 50 accolades, including: Gold at the Global Sauvignon Blanc Masters; twice Gold at the Sydney International Wine Competition; a Trophy at the UK People’s Choice Awards; 90 points from both Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator; chosen to be served in Qantas Business Class and selected for The Independent’s ‘Top Sauvignon Blancs’ in the UK.

Watch here!


Graham Norton’s Own Prosecco DOC NV

Made to Graham’s own specification from the home of Prosecco, Italy, it’s an essential addition to your next picnic, party or pizza by the tele. It’s won THREE GOLD medals and is one of Cuisine Magazine’s Best Buys with 4* – Salute! 11%

Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc 2019

“Delicious! Graham has characteristically weaved his blend between parcels with herbaceous characters and other with more tropical and citrus notes.  DOUBLE-GOLD Medal Winner! 13%

Graham Norton’s Own Rosé 2018

Perfectly subtle, pink, fresh fruity essence and dry – but eminently drinkable. This Rosé has been such a hit around the world that we’ve been struggling to keep up! Awarded 5* by Wine Orbit and a TROPHY at the People’s Choice Wine Awards, UK. 13%

Graham Norton’s Own Shiraz 2017

Exactly what you want in a bold South Australian red: plenty of sweet fruited power with a hint of tannin that stands up well to food but is total gold on its own. 5 stars, Wine Orbit. 14.5%

Graham Norton Blends his Pink GiN