Graham Norton HE-DEVIL NFTs

Our NFTs have SOLD OUT! More coming soon. In the meantime, read all about the Invivo NFTs below:

Here at Invivo we are focused on extending our community further globally and digitally, through regular NFT releases.

NFTs are vouchers of authenticity for digital assets that can be traded and tracked with blockchain technology. In an exciting move our first foray into this virtual world will pair both digital assets with unique physical experiences.

The Graham Norton HE-DEVIL NFTs unlock an annual “first release” bottle of new wines, a physical static print of their artwork signed by the Invivo Cofounders and membership to the Invivo Federation of Friends (IFF). IFF Membership is allocated with every Invivo NFT and allows the holder to unlock exclusive virtual wine tastings, discounts on Invivo products and special experiences.

The 10 HE-DEVIL tokens sold on Opensea at auction that ran for 14 days. As an added bonus, one of the Editions was eligible to unlock a surprise live, virtual, one-on-one celebrity tasting experience with Graham Norton, with net proceeds of this NFT given to charity.

Invivo Cofounder Tim Lightbourne commented “At Invivo, we were the first winery in the Southern Hemisphere to equity crowdfund successfully back in 2015 and we always aim to do things a little differently. We enjoy building the Invivo community, and we see our long-term NFT strategy as a part of our business, building value in the digital world and creating an exclusive community with the IFF (Invivo Federation of Friends) who will be eligible for Invivo surprises over the coming years. This is about continuing to innovate in the wine world. Some of our NFT owners might not be familiar with Burgundy but they will understand what Blockchain means.”

To learn more about NFTs and the Opensea platform check out their FAQ’s on their website here. They also provide information on how to sign up to their platform here, and how to purchase NFTs on their platform here.

The second collection of NFTs will follow soon after and, among other assets, include the Sarah Jessica Parker X label artwork in a digital form from the award-winning Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé from Provence wines. Future collections also include digital imagery of Invivo’s infamous global shipping ‘wine protest’.

Lightbourne comments “Future plans could include the metaverse – we’re currently exploring opening a virtual wine store in a metaverse virtual mall, where an avatar purchase of a bottle in the digital world can transfer to receiving a physical bottle delivered to your home anywhere in the world. Invivo NFT token holders could be eligible for exclusive access to the shop opening in the metaverse.”

The 10 HE-DEVIL NFT token owners will receive:

– An annual “first release” bottle of new wines, delivered to anywhere in the world for the current owners.

– A physical static print of their artwork signed by the Invivo Cofounders.

– Once unlocked, one lucky owner of the Ten NFTs will be eligible to receive an exclusive one-on-one live virtual tasting with Graham Norton and the Invivo Cofounders. The physical tasting is assigned to one of the ten NFT Editions at random.

– Membership to the Invivo Federation of Friends (IFF) and therefore eligible to receive regular surprise and delights such as exclusive virtual wine tastings, the first to receive new wine releases, and discounts on Invivo wine and spirits products.

The net proceeds of the Edition with the assigned GN virtual tasting NFT will be digitally translated into physical currency and donated to charity.


Which NFT Edition will unlock the virtual tasting with Graham Norton?

The virtual tasting is assigned at random to one of the ten He-DEVIL NFTs. Once the auction ends and the NFTs are unlocked, the owner will be notified.

Which network will the NFT be sold on?


What will the initial minting price be for the NFT’s?

The starting auction price for NFTs 1-10 is ETH 0.06 (approx. $300 USD at time of writing).

Will it be possible to resell the NFT’s?

Owners can resell NFTs on the secondary market (from a third party or intermediary). This sits with the seller not Invivo.

Other than this story will there be any other marketing of the NFT?

There will be ongoing marketing of the NFT, and exciting exclusive opportunities for the NFT holders who are part of the Invivo Federation of Friends. This is just the first release in our NFT collection.

Do you expect the NFT to sell out?

We hope so!

What is the roadmap of the He-Devil NFTs? Once the first owners of the NFT have received their physical benefits, will the value of the NFTs reduce?

The ownership of the NFTs is their value. The ongoing and – hopefully increasing – value of the unique experiences that the NFTs unlock.