SJP chats with The Wine Spectator about all things wine: Watch!

Sarah Jessica Parker has joined an Instagram Live with Wine Spectator, for an easy and informative chat!

Catch up and watch it all here.

The conversation was part of the Wine Spectator’s ‘Straight Talk’ series. Sarah Jessica chatted about all things wine with senior editor, MaryAnn Worobiec on Wine Spectator’s Instagram page. The Wine Spectator is the world’s most widely read wine magazine, with 3.5m readers.

During the conversation, Sarah Jessica talks about the language of describing wine and why she drinks her Invivo X, SJP Sauvignon Blanc and Rose from old glass yoghurt containers. She detailed how wine fits into her life and how she came to learn to love and appreciate the drink.

She also discusses how curiosity led to the ‘incredible, exciting, surprising and enormously gratifying’ partnership she now has with Invivo co-founders, Tim and Rob; our partnership with Feed; and how touched the team has been been by how the wine has been received.

Watch it here

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