Graham’s family all together! We have a special case deal containing these beauties:

1 bottle of Graham Norton’s Own Italian Prosecco NV DOC
1 bottle of Graham Norton’s 2019 NZ Rosé
1 bottle of Graham Norton’s Marlborough  Sauvignon Blanc 2019
2 bottles of the new 2017 Graham Norton Shiraz from South Australia
1 bottle of Graham Norton’s Own PiNK Irish Gin

This case is jam packed with Trophies, Gold Medals and 5* ratings!

$150 per case of 6 bottles

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Tasting Notes:
Graham Norton’s Own “Pink by DesigGN Rosé: “The Graham Norton Rosé has been such a hit around the world that we’ve been struggling to keep up! So, we were desperate to get this wine made and ready to hit the market.   The brief: perfectly subtle, pink, fresh New Zealand fruity essence, dry – but eminently drinkable.  The blending components each offered different qualities: summer berries with one, citrus with another, richness and stone fruits in the last piece of the puzzle.  Graham weaves his magic again, blending the different personalities in wines just like he does with actors, comedians and artists to create a great show – loads of fun and a fantastic experience.  We think he’s put out a crowd pleaser with this wine too…Cheers!”

GN’s Own Shiraz 2017: Inviting aromas of fresh violets, milk chocolate and blackberries on the nose, then the palate is delightfully silky with a creaminess that makes this berry-bomb lip smackingly delish. The 2017 GN Shiraz is exactly what you want in a bold South Australian red wine: plenty of sweet fruited power with a hint of tannin that stands up well to food but equally is total gold on its own.

GN Sauvignon Blanc 2019: A standout vintage in Marlborough meant it was tough to pick winners from this year’s vineyard samples. “Delicious! 2019 has been a great vintage and Graham has characteristically weaved his blend between parcels with herbaceous characters and other with more tropical and citrus notes. Overall the wine is a beautifully bold statement of Sauvignon Blanc which I’m sure will be a hit with all GN fans.

GN’s Own Pink GiN: Made with Irish grain, this Pink GiN draws its flavour from a combination of 14 botanicals including rose petals, kaffir lime and rose hip. It’s all underpinned by locally foraged native Fuchsia flowers, which give a delicate aromatic expression and smoothness. Botanicals: Rose, Cranberry, Juniper Berry, Coriander, Angelica, Lemon Peel, Bitter Orange Peel, Liquorice Root, Orris Root, Gooseberry, Basil, Elderflower, Rose Hips, Fuchsia Flowers.

GN Prosecco NV: Beautiful fine bubbles set the tone for pure enjoyment. Graham Norton’s own Prosecco is sublimely light and fresh with aromas of white flowers and a hint of citrus.  The fine mousse fills your senses with sweet scented floral notes and finishes beautifully crisp.