The wait is over for GiN fans in Ireland! Graham Norton posted this pic of the bottle on Instagram late last month – attracting nearly 41,000 likes!

Graham Norton’s Own Irish GiN is now available at SuperValu in Ireland in the London Dry style and is coming soon to the rest of the world – watch this space.

Following on from the success of the award-winning GN Wine range – which includes Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Rosé and Prosecco – Graham Norton has launched his own Irish gin in collaboration with Invivo & Co, which celebrates his West Cork Heritage, the beauty and flavours of his idyllic native county and his award-winning flair for blending perfection.

Speaking on where the idea for an Irish gin was born, Tim Lightbourne, cofounder of Invivo & Co said ‘“It all started in London in July last year. We were working with Graham on this year’s wine blends. At the end of a three-hour tasting and blending session, someone suggested we celebrate with a round of martinis. It was over the martinis that Graham introduced the idea of an Irish gin and a plan was born to create one.”

Partnering with an Irish distillery was very important to Graham and an extensive search led to a distillery near Graham’s West Cork home. West Cork Distillers, Invivo & Co and Graham Norton have worked together to create two small-batch premium gins. Graham Norton’s Own Irish Gin is a premium London Dry style, as distinctive as the man himself. Both gins utilise locally foraged botanicals as part of their unique blends. Graham Norton’s Own Irish Pink Gin (coming soon) is made with Irish grain and draws its flavour from a combination of 12 botanicals including lemon peel, orange peel, elderflower, rose hip, and fuchsia flowers.

Graham Norton’s Own IRISH GiN

PRODUCED: West Cork, Ireland
TASTING NOTE:  A heady combination of kaffir lime and juniper leap from the glass. With a lemon twist and tonic, the citrus notes are amplified to achieve the perfect G&T balance with a beautifully crisp finish.
SERVING SUGGESTION: Pour with a premium tonic, a twist of  lemon or lime or ask your mixologist to surprise you!


Look what people are already saying about the GiN!

“..a fragrant and incredible skilfully balanced gin that is one we can imagine many, many households appointing in their drinks cabinet….we think dried hibiscus flowers – as we’ve added here – imbue both a subtle flavour and colour to mimic the gorgeous lilac hue of the gin branding as well as the floral background with the botanicals. Stunning!” – Gastrogays

“The bottle design took me by surprise. I expected it to follow a similar suit to the wines – plain and simple. Instead this bottle is super eye-catching with a unique purple palette of colour. Through the bottle you’ll see purple fuchsia petals printed across the back label, giving it a unique appearance and character. It’s definitely one that will stand out from the rest on a shelf in a bar or shop.” Ginfluenced,