Graham Norton has blended his 2020 Sauvignon Blanc from the comfort of his home in summery West-Cork, Ireland! It was late in the evening for Graham and very early in the morning for Invivo Co-Founders Tim and Rob, as they found reception at the top of Auckland’s Sky Tower for the virtual blending . Watch the trio in winemaking action here.

Watch here

Tim and Rob couriered six Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc samples to Graham, harvested in March, along with a winemaking kit filled with beakers, which Graham set-up at home. Over a two-hour Zoom call, the trio sniffed, swirled, sampled and spat to create and sign off Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc 2020 in a process that Norton likens to “being an air steward who is being talked into landing the plane.”

On his new wine, Graham comments, “I think it’s delicious and has that New Zealand zing. It’s soft and fruity. It’s full but floral-like. It’s sunshine in a glass.”

Invivo’s collaboration with Graham Norton keeps going from strength to strength, and we are set to produce our ten millionth bottle of wine this year, a huge achievement for us since our first run of 14,000 bottles of GN Sauvignon Blanc in 2014!

Rob says “We always look forward to our blending date with Graham as he is such an experienced winemaker now. It’s like he’s a full-time member of the winemaking team! Graham seemed to dial straight into what was working and what he was after.”

Where to buy the range
Graham Norton’s wine and spirits range – the Prosecco, Sauvignon Blanc, Rose, Shiraz and two Irish gins – has clocked up more than 200 accolades over the years and Graham is a shareholder in Invivo.

In New Zealand, the range is available at Countdown, New World, Glengarry, Liquorland, Bottle O, SuperLiquor and Liquor Centre and most other wine stores. The full Graham Norton and Invivo ranges are available at our Invivo Store, which new vintages being added as they are bottled. Cheers!