Invivo Hits Taiwan and China


In July, Invivo Wines set off to Asia visiting customers in Taiwan and China. First stop was the Taipei Wine and Food Expo held in downtown Taipei in a balmy 36 degrees! (Thank god for air conditioning!). The expo proved to be a very busy weekend, with lots of Taiwanese interested in trying Invivo wines, particularly the younger consumers which was great to see. Taiwan is a market for the future and we see New Zealand wine being very popular there. Rob hosted two busy wine tasting sessions at the expo, where Invivo was matched with the local cuisine. Participants learnt all about the New Zealand wine industry and the range of Invivo wines.

Next stop was Jinan - a city of 5 million people based in Shandong Province, China. Invivo was very well received with a media tasting having over 40 key media attended. The guys were asked to sign bottles, pose for pictures and interviewed for the local newspapers (now they know what Justin Beiber feels like…or not quite!).

Finally Tim visited Shanghai and had a meeting with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. He commented, “Shanghai is an amazing city that we would love to come back to!” Overall a great time was had, it’s exciting to see these countries really starting to enjoy New Zealand wine!

Rob's Tasting


Invivo Team in Taiwan!



Media Briefing



Media Conference



Team Meeting in China



 Rob providing samples to the swarming crowd. Not enough of Rob (or Wine) to go around!!



Another showdown from the team, teaching about Invivo and NZ wine!



Rob in Taiwan



Tasting the local cuisine...Rob looking a little skeptical about that Sea Cucumber..



Signing bottles in China!



Tim and an Invivo China sign