Birds With Skymirrors - Lemi Ponifasio/MAU


Images by Zan Wimberley


On Wednesday 1 May Invivo sponsored the Birds With Skymirrors sensation, crafted by Lemi Ponifasio of MAU. The dance performance was held in Sydney at Carriageworks venue from the 1-4 June.

New Zealand's MAU is the same company who performed in Tempest:Without a Body at the 2010 Sydney Festival. This more recent performance takes MAU further in its focus and intensity by delivering a show with a slow and powerful thematic development. 

The title of the performance is linked to Lemi Ponifasio, the creator of the work - seeing birds carrying strips of videotape that dangled "like liquid mirrors in the sky”. There are reflections from a variety of angles in the boldly geometric set he has designed, and suggestions of wing movements that are subtle enough to be more like abstract poetry than imitation flying.

The piece is a reponse to the effects of climate change, with particular focus in Pacific. It leaves a powerful message to motivate the audience that there is still hope - so long as action is taken by the community.


For more information about the performance, click HERE, or alternatively visit their website HERE