The designers of Invivo's wine label. Every season Zambesi takes its followers another lyrical step in an evolutionary journey. Instantly recognisable but impossible to pigeonhole, influential yet elusive, Zambesi is more of a feeling, a way of dressing. The leading label, founded by Elisabeth and Neville Findlay in 1979, is proud to possess a consistent, unique signature with one collection flowing into each other as mellifluously as the cloth is draped and cut.

Designer Elisabeth Findlay is inspired by fabrics and for Zambesi womenswear, she works instinctively, taking carefully chosen cloth in unexpected directions. The result: textural contrasts, inventive, exciting constructions and de-constructions, dynamic layering and often, a nod to eclectic, vintage sensibilities. Playful inventiveness meets the label’s singular dark beauty.

Designer Dayne Johnston takes a disciplined hand to Zambesi menswear. His work results in extremely well cut, wearable garments that capture attention with their clever detailing. Those unique details sit alongside precisely tailored nods to traditional or utilitarian menswear past, resulting in a refined masculine style
Invivo is also very proud that Zambesi designed the unique Invivo label!

Currently based in New Zealand
Speciality Fashion