More Paul Henry to Satisfy Demand!

Paul ‘The Palate’ Henry is back, and he has found his second calling after the ungodly early starts of his former life in broadcasting. The release of his second vintage of pinot noir with Invivo on March 24th, after the first vintage sold out in record time last year, shows Henry has a mouth – and winemaker’s palate – to be reckoned with.

Invivo co-founder Tim Lightbourne says the first release of Paul Henry’s Own Pinot Noir was so successful “we’ve had people who missed out the first time contacting us on a daily basis”. New Zealand winewriter Michael Cooper wrote about Paul’s first release in The Listener: “It’s a skilfully crafted, mainstream style, worth cellaring, but already delicious.”

To satisfy demand, three times the amount of Henry’s first pinot produced is available in this release – 24,000 bottles – after 8,000 sold out in only a week last year.

Paul was again assisted from the boys at Invivo, known for producing Graham Norton’s Own wines with Graham, and spearheading New Zealand’s first equity crowdfunded winery.

Lightbourne says Henry’s second stint at the blending bench has created a unique mix that features Central Otago pinot noir grapes from four of Invivo’s top growers.

Henry says; “My last wine was world class but I wanted more Paul Henry in this wine, and it doesn’t disappoint. This is a very smooth Pinot Noir – as good as the last one – but better. You could be filing for bankruptcy and if you had a glass of this wine in your hand, you’d have to pause and think that life’s not too bad.”

Glengarry’s server crashed trying to cope with the unprecedented demand for the first vintage after its release in November. Glengarry general manager Liz Wheadon says; “In the history of our company, we have never seen such traffic volumes to our website in such a short space of time”. Wheadon says it was Glengarry’s most successful launch of an individual wine, ever.

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